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Solar wind - Clean energy jobs

Clean Energy Jobs

What if we could work on one set of solutions to solve two of our most pressing issues? We can. 


Climate change is real and it’s having a devastating effect on our planet. This isn’t a problem that happens “somewhere else” -- it’s happening right here in our back yard. Flooding. Drought. Longer, hotter, dryer summers and flooded rivers and streams affect our farmers and homeowners. Dirty air affects the health of our children, seniors, and other vulnerable populations.


In the past, many proposed solutions were detrimental to our economy, and failed to pass into law. Hard work and innovation have come a long way. Today, the best solutions involve well-trained American workers building renewable energy solutions. Solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal -- the possibilities continue to expand. 


At the same time, we must ensure clean energy sources, like nuclear power and natural gas, are safe for workers and for families.


All of this requires well-trained workers. Builders. Engineers. Electricians. Carpenters. Bricklayers. And so many more. Well-paid workers with long-term jobs creating lasting solutions.

Jeff Deppe

Democrat for State Representative
District 72 

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