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Creating Opportunity

Our state and our region continue to lose population. There are a number of reasons for this, and while we can’t change the weather, we can change many others.

Jeff believes we must create better opportunities, for our young people - and for adults who are changing careers. He brought the Blackhawk College Highway Construction Careers Training Program to the Rock Island Forest Preserve.

The program pairs students with men and women in the trades who teach them skills and work hands-on with them to learn skills while performing important service for our community. At the Forest Preserve, they built a handicapped-accessible boat ramp and a ADA-compliant bathrooms. Students learn skills that allow them to enter the trades where they earn good, well-paying jobs.


As our State Representative, Jeff will continue to work with our local high schools and community colleges to make career skills training available for our young people, as well as ensuring college is affordable for those that choose to go.

Jeff Deppe

Democrat for State Representative
District 72 

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